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The Window Tinting Industry Is very profitable!

With the window tint training program at Window Tinting Business School, you will be your own boss. Our window tinting course will allow you to be independent. If you work hard and work smart, you could be earning a 6 figure salary. Don't wait, sign up for window tint school today!


The average efficient window tint installer makes at least $3,000 a week!

This kind of money is normal in the lives of thousands of window tint Installers. 

At Window Tinting Business School we make sure that you will be equipped and trained to earn as much as you want to make. You can determine how many hours you will work or how much money you will make. The beauty of being able to run you own window tinting business its not only the money you can earn, but it is the freedom that you have to manage your own schedule.


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Its never too early or too late to have a successful and happy life! We know how to succeed because we have done it! You can do it to!




Receive hands-on training taught by a master installer that has been doing this for over 20 years

Learn about the different types, qualities, and brands of window film and tools

Learn the best installation techniques for front, side, and rear windows all hand  cut.

Learn to prevent peeling, bubbling and fading of the film

Individualized attention and focused, one-on-one

Learn about state window tinting laws and regulations

Train with the right tools, materials, and techniques, with lots of hands-on practice


In order to insure the best training environment, we here at Window Tinting Business School only take a few students at a time. Keep in mind that we are also a very busy window tinting company that teaches the trade. We immerse our students with undivided attention for two weeks into our business. The students will watch, take part and take notes on all the dealings and aspects of the business while learning to do window tint with our team.



The market is ready, are you?


When we started Nice Tint INC many years ago, we never imagined how much the industry was going to grow. But it was not until recently that Window Tinting Business School became a reality, born out of our realization that the window tinting industry needs well trained professionals to serve the growing demand of the window tinting market.



It was not just a training, he actively supported me to start-up my own business. Ismail Pereira is committed to providing his students with the most professional training support!
— Uilton Oliveira